The Danger Market is a new Spy-Fi game from Aetherfield Games.

Inspired by slightly-tongue-in-cheek classics such as The Man From Uncle, James Bond, Mission Impossible and The Avengers, The Danger Market is a game of spies, gadgets, swinging fashion and super-villains.

Come and join us in the 1960s for adventures in the glamorous but deadly world of Cold War espionage.

What will *you* sell on the Danger Market?

The third event will take place in 2019.

Influences & Style

Spy-Fi; Man from Uncle, The Avengers, James Bond, Danger Man, Mission Impossible, Department S and similar shows.
Slightly tongue in cheek, but played serious: Light and dark moments. It is not, and we repeat NOT, Austin Powers.


Agencies, Cold-War, diplomacy, edge-of-destruction, espionage, humour, ideologies, peril, personnes-fatales, psychedelia, race-against-time, secrets, shades of grey, spies, technology.


Assassination and other forms of violence. Mental compulsion effects / brainwashing. References to torture and indiscriminate killing.

Setting Overview

The game is set in a slightly alternate 1966. The two great world power blocs, the Capitalist ‘West’ and the Communist ‘East’ are in the midst of an icy Cold War for ideological, military and technological supremacy. The fear of Nuclear obliteration holds both sides back from an all-out, and devastating conflict, and thus the propaganda war for hearts and minds is supplemented by the intricacies of the glamorous, but deadly espionage game. But it is also the sixties, and the new generation are challenging the status quo with their way out music, fashion trends and rejection of authority. At times glamorous, and at times deadly, international espionage is full of adventure, gadgets, spies, agents and supervillains.

More setting information is coming soon

Portraying the 1960s in 2016: Sex, Race and spies

If you look back at the time period that spawned the Spy-Fi genre it had a lot of values – sexist, racist and homophobic ones – that we don’t want in our game. In our game’s environment, it matters not one bit what someone’s gender, sexuality or skin colour is. Derogatory, objectifying or demeaning behaviours focused on those characteristics, and other OC characteristics like disability or physical appearance, are not necessary and not appropriate.

Role-playing antagonism involving IC characteristics – such as nationality, ideology, and group membership- are all encouraged.
You can find further details in our OOC rules (Social contract) document which also incorporates our Equality & Diversity statement.

Game Format

The game is designed to run on 3-event arcs, with each individual event being an episode.

An episode is designed to run over a weekend period. During that period – as might happen in an episode of a genre film or multi-part show- several distinct ‘acts’ occur.

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