The game is set in a slightly alternate 1966. The two great world power blocs, the Capitalist ‘West’ and the Communist ‘East’ are in the midst of an icy Cold War for ideological, military and technological supremacy. The fear of Nuclear obliteration holds both sides back from an all-out, and devastating conflict, and thus the propaganda war for hearts and minds is supplemented by the intricacies of the glamorous, but deadly espionage game. But it is also the sixties, and the new generation are challenging the status quo with their way out music, fashion trends and rejection of authority. At times glamorous, and at times deadly, international espionage is full of adventure, gadgets, spies, agents and supervillains.

Background and setting

This background document summarises some things about the 1960s environment of the Danger Market. Unless you are already an aficionado of Cold War History, we don’t recommend reading it all in one go!

Although broadly the timeline relates to the historic one, it is likely that events have occurred or will occur slightly differently – partly this is to reflect the fact we are not running a re-enactment and people have different knowledge of and interest in the nitty gritty of cold war history. Partly it is also to allow for character actions to shape things. Any mission critical information will be supplied to you.

Likewise, we are not going to be concerned if someone wears a style that wasn’t big until 1968 or one that went out in ’63. Although common understanding is that communist countries spend less time on the frivolity of fashion, and pop music is frowned on where it doesn’t reinforce the wonderful state, people behind the Iron Curtain may be more fashionable than you expect. Plus, rock music, way out fashion and hippies are nightmares for the Western establishment too.

Hopefully this document will be useful as you create characters. We encourage people to build characters and groups from ‘East’ and ‘West’ and to enjoy not only thwarting the plans of their ideological opposites but also negotiating the rivalries between ostensibly similar groups. It can be safely assumed that agencies under the same ideology are not always friendly with their fellows.


A very brief summary of some parts of the geopolitical landscape.

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

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